To speed up the construction time for my cardboard planes ( ,

To speed up the construction time for my cardboard planes (, I will use my DIY laser engraver. The printing of the artwork on the sheets are not always on the same position. Some laser printers have a random offset of the printed image on the paper (0.0 - 1.0 mm). I need a feature to adjust the cutting outlines to the printed artwork.

E.g. two marks on the lower edge for reference. Workflow: Jog to first mark with laser power 2%. Press button: mark. Jog to second mark - press button mark. Laserweb should calculate the offset and move/rotate the cutting outlines.
I did n´t need the printed outlines but for the first tests they was a good reference.

I offset printing for borderless cutting (like for stickers) they always print the surfaces 2-3mm bigger than it will be cut, because cutting can have a position offset.
If you do that and make lines on the bed to position the paper correctly, you will get better results.

This will not work for me because there are a lot of lines on each fuselage part which must fit together.
Machine position - mark position = offset move
Vector (mark1 to mark2) - vektor1 (machine position1 to machine position2) = offset rotate.

What about placing two marks on your paper and two thin needles with the same distance on your worktable. Then you could pin your paper with the marks on the needles.

@cprezzi good idea. I will try it.