To all our community members,

To all our community members, LawerWe4 is almost ready to ship but available to use NOW at the link bellow. There nothing to install. To use it just export the gcode and load it on LaserWeb 3.

Have a go at it so you can see the new workflow

Played a bit with it. Gcode simulation is very cool. I would like to have it scale to extents on open. Zooming is not intuitive and it assumes mm so files that assume inches are microscopic and VERY hard to center to extents to even see that it loaded. Looking forward to trying smoothie for milling. I hope 4 axis is still on the list of planned functionality. Wonderful to see this coming along.

+Peter van der Walt I love the map, i’m from the UK and yeah its ridiculous, “i want a bit of 2"x4”, 2 metres long"

Are you serious @John_Sturgess ​.??? Btw Panama should be red.

Peter, I have never “argued” with you and this is not a competition. All I want is the tools to teach STEAM and to work with people who are interesting in changing education. You have a LOT to learn about people.