TL;DR; Anyone noticed overextrusion with the latest Slic3r?

TL;DR; Anyone noticed overextrusion with the latest Slic3r?
Lately there have been some discussion about e-steps and I have also seen several examples of over extrusion. Lately I have had a lot of problems with over extrusion. Yester day I switch to a fresh hobbed bolt and calculated e-steps then measured by extruding on realistic speed without hot-end. My e-steps came out pretty much at 800. Now I was still getting bad blobs and filament that was pushed over the edges. I then lowered my e-steps in increments all the way to 620. Then I had to much wall separation, but still some over extrusion. Now. I printed the slic3r wall calibration, measured and calculated e-steps to 684. Knowing that the autowall witdh changed in the latest Slic3r I tried the same slice on Slic3r 0.97 and if I had calculated new e-steps based on that I would get 597 or so. That is 25% less than measured e-steps and would probably give me the best results. Just started an 4 hour print so I won’t be able to try old slic3r until tomorrow.

I have also noticed that Slic3r now suddenly insert set hotbed temp and wait then extruder temp before my start GCode. This just suddenly happen and I have not been able to sort out what triggers this behavior. My current print is just beautiful the first 30mm, so maybe I have sorted it by throwing everything that you are supposed to do to calibrate e-steps and just rely on actual slic3r/printing results. (The hard part of the model have yet to be printed, but currently it looks good)

Well that would at least partially explain why I’ve had some disappointing-looking prints lately, usually from over-extrusion. I’ll try Cura and see if it makes a difference.

I saw similar results with the latest Slic3r.

No problems here, but I’m on 0.9.9-dev

On 0.97 my retraction wad 1.79mm now on 0.98 I’m retracting 3.83mm. I thought it was my filament switch. Upgrading softwares and firmwares gets old when things break.

At least I now know what to do to fix it. I’m on windows with the PC I use to slice and print so running dev seemed to be to big a hassle. Will look into it again or use my MacBook.