TinyG with 3x tool changes using Chilipeppr to mill out my "Penny Miller" (aka

TinyG with 3x tool changes using Chilipeppr to mill out my “Penny Miller” (aka penny holder while milling the pennies). I think it turned out nicely.

Can you help us all understand why you need pennies milled?

Pennies are cheap materials :slight_smile: They are primarily made from Zinc. So when you engrave the top copper a nice silver shines through. This jig was to hold them in place while milling them.

Oh they were to give away at the maker faire in VA.

Would love to see a close up of the milled penny!

Love the idea Riley. What bits and speeds are you using to mill the pennies?

Sorry guys was sick for a few days. @Anthony_Webb Well to be honest THIS version was a failure. I had this really junky version that only did 1 penny at a time and was hard oak. This one started letting the pennies slip almost instantly. Talk about depressing! I cant repost images here which is totally lame. I did post on my G+ (non-chilipeppr) a image of the penny.

@Ben_Delarre I think it was a 1 mm with varying speeds. I tested really until i liked it. Looks like F80 (mm/min)


There is the header.