TinyG V8 FW Updating questions. I the image below, its the Synth Updater App.

TinyG V8 FW Updating questions. I the image below, its the Synth Updater App. It shoes my TinyG V8 is on COM9 with 384.04 installed. The Master current is 380.08. When I look at the releases on github, they show a different set of numbers. Latest 339.02 -> https://github.com/synthetos/TinyG/releases are these releases the latest code-base yet to be compiled?

Is there a list in order of the builds? Is 384.04 a custom build that was installed on the board before shipment? Is it possible to use the App to flash to an earlier version?

Sorry for the random questions here. Thanks, T

You REALLY need 440.14. Also, the official release page is at http://synthetos.github.io/

Yep John, I saw all of the builds on the download page. This post was more to try and understand the way they do FW and offer and name builds. I saw the EDGE branch 440.14, and it says, " is thought to be relatively stable, but has not received enough testing to be promoted to master."

I was trying to make a quick video on updating FW. I don’t usually recommend new folks to run bleeding edge builds. For me its fine.

Ill post this question on the TG forum. Thanks John, T

This is a stupid question, but I have to Ask it anyway. Must I have a programmer to update the FW, or can I do it via the USB? Reason I ask is i get a Verify Failed error.

Please be gentle, I only play with stm 32 micro-controllers. The Atmel stuff is all new to me, and I read a section on the GitHub that said for programming and debugging I needed to buy a programmer…

Here are the screen caps of the console.
When it connects

Then the Fail

looks like I have to order some stuff.

Nuttin easy when playing with new toys :slight_smile:

Thomas, as JohnL said you need fw 440.14. What OS are you using on your PC - Windows/MAC/Linux?
The link you posted was put up in 2013, relative to lock bits.
IF that is your issue, you might be better off to send your tinyG back to Synthetos for reprogramming, as you will likely not use the stuff you think you need to but again.
Where did you come up with a tinyG loaded with 384.04??
That is really old stuff.
You should try command line AVRDUDE method before heading down the programmer route, unless you really like that stuff.

And, just a heads up as I see you getting excited about G2 (yes, it is coll); different tool chain for G2

This is the same problem I am having , is there any way some could make a video on how to actdude method ? That would fix a lot of questions

Once I figured figure it out, ill be happy to document the command line method.

@cmcgrath5035 ​ thanks for the information, the firmware installed on the board is what came on it. As the v9 board, yes I am aware its a ARM based processor. Its a completely different animal.

Thank you

Guys lets put this to bed. Perhaps we can do a group video call this weekend / tonight? Is this possible? Hit me up on google chat!

Sorry, I’m on the road. Let me know what works.