TinyG Power Supply Question I have V8 board.

TinyG Power Supply Question

I have V8 board. I have 24v, 20amp (max) power supply. What do I need to do so that I can use this power supply with the board.

I also have this DROK regulator which I can step down the voltage but I’m worried that there will not be adequate amps to power my 4 NEMA 23 2.8A steppers.

I don’t really want to buy another power supply if I can help it.


This power supply can be used to provide power to the stepper motors, but not the board. The TinyG stepper motor connector acceptable voltage is 30V. You may need to tune the current level with on-board potentiometers to avoid stepper driver overheating.

Why would it not have enough and why do you need the DROK? What am I missing?

24V is the ideal voltage for TinyG, you don’t need a regulator. 20amp is good enough for your steppers.

TinyG can only source 2A or so per stepper so your power supply sounds fine.

The reason I ask is this. I just received my TinyG board, I connected the PS with proper polarity to the screw terminals. The output reading from the PS was reading 22V. As soon as I connected the PS I got the blue smoke from D13. I immediately disconnected everything and examined the polarity again and it was correct. I then assumed the 20A output of my PS was too much for the board.

Interestingly enough I was able to power the board by passing the PS output voltage through the DROK and stepping down to 12.5 VOLTS. I believe the output current of the DROK is 2-4AMP.

Anyhow as others have asked above, why do I need the DROK… I don’t really need it but I have it! I have a PS which outputs 24V and 20AMP. Apparently the board does not like the high AMP output so back to my first post. What do I need to step down the current of the PS to 14.8A that is recommended for the board?

Odd, the PSU should only provide the potential required. The TinyG in an ideal state should not request big amperage.

You are confused about current, it only takes what it needs, having too higher current rating is not a problem. It’s only a problem if it is too low. Not sure why the diode smoked maybe a faulty board parts backwards or something.

What do you make of the following?

So I hooked up the board to the PS again. Mainly based on the feedback here I went on the approach that I couldn’t do anymore harm to the board thinking it was already toast. However this time I connected the stepper motor wires to the board terminals before powering on. Thinking I was going to see the board give up more of the blue smoke I was wrong and the board worked! I’ve tested and confirmed things are working as expected… so far at least.

So here is my question, are you supposed to connect stepper motors to drivers prior to powering the board? If so, then I missed this in any hookup documentation I’ve read.

If you believe it should not matter if the steppers are connected to the drivers prior to powering then how do you explain the C2 diode going up in smoke and sparking?

@Rob_Mitchell1 assuming you did not connect the steppers while powered this is indeed odd. It will not matter if they are connected not when initial power is installed.

@Brandon_Satterfield that is correct. No steppers were installed and I did not get that far to connect them before the spark and smoke.