TinyG connection with Laserweb

LaserWeb information

On the About page, I see that I have:

  • Frontend version: 4.0.998
  • Backend version: 4.0.136

My settings are:

  "settings": {
    "__version": "4.0.998",
    "__selectedProfile": "*gen_grbl",
    "__latestRelease": "2019-11-26T10:42:57Z",
    "showMachine": false,
    "machineWidth": 300,
    "machineHeight": 200,
    "machineBeamDiameter": 0.2,
    "machineBottomLeftX": 0,
    "machineBottomLeftY": 0,
    "machineFeedRange": {
      "XY": {"min": 1, "max": 50000},
      "Z": {"min": 1, "max": 50000},
      "A": {"min": 1, "max": 50000},
      "S": {"min": 0, "max": 30000}
    "machineXYProbeOffset": 0,
    "machineZEnabled": false,
    "machineZMatThickness": 0,
    "machineZToolOffset": 0,
    "machineZStartHeight": "",
    "machineZProbeOffset": 0,
    "machineAEnabled": false,
    "machineBlowerEnabled": false,
    "machineBlowerGcodeOn": "",
    "machineBlowerGcodeOff": "",
    "pxPerInch": 96,
    "forcePxPerInch": false,
    "dpiBitmap": 300,
    "toolGridWidth": 400,
    "toolGridHeight": 300,
    "toolGridMinorSpacing": 10,
    "toolGridMajorSpacing": 50,
    "toolSafetyLockDisabled": false,
    "toolCncMode": false,
    "toolImagePosition": "BL",
    "toolUseNumpad": false,
    "toolDisplayCache": false,
    "toolUseGamepad": false,
    "toolCreateEmptyOps": false,
    "toolVideoDevice": null,
    "toolVideoPerspective": {"enabled": false},
    "toolVideoLens": {"a": 1, "b": 1, "F": 1, "scale": 1},
    "toolVideoFov": {"x": 1, "y": 1},
    "toolVideoResolution": "720p(HD)",
    "toolVideoOMR": false,
    "toolVideoOMROffsetX": 0,
    "toolVideoOMROffsetY": 0,
    "toolVideoOMRMarkerSize": 20,
    "toolWebcamUrl": "",
    "toolFeedUnits": "mm/min",
    "toolTestSValue": 1,
    "toolTestDuration": 0,
    "gcodeStart": "G21         ; Set units to mm\r\nG90         ; Absolute positioning\r\nM4 S0       ; Enable Laser/Spindle (0 power)\r\n",
    "gcodeEnd": "M5          ; Disable Laser/Spindle\r\n",
    "gcodeHoming": "$H",
    "gcodeGenerator": "default",
    "gcodeToolOn": "",
    "gcodeToolOff": "",
    "gcodeLaserIntensity": "S",
    "gcodeLaserIntensitySeparateLine": false,
    "gcodeSMinValue": 0,
    "gcodeSMaxValue": 1000,
    "gcodeCheckSizePower": 0,
    "gcodeToolTestPower": 0,
    "gcodeToolTestDuration": 0,
    "gcodeConcurrency": 2,
    "gcodeCurvePrecision": 0.1,
    "comServerVersion": "4.0.136",
    "comServerIP": "localhost:8000",
    "comServerConnect": false,
    "comInterfaces": ["USB", "ESP8266", "Telnet"],
    "comPorts": [
        "comName": "COM5",
        "manufacturer": "Arduino LLC (www.arduino.cc)",
        "serialNumber": "75439333435351A05061",
        "pnpId": "USB\\VID_2341&PID_0043\\75439333435351A05061",
        "locationId": "Port_#0009.Hub_#0003",
        "vendorId": "2341",
        "productId": "0043"
        "comName": "COM4",
        "manufacturer": "FTDI",
        "serialNumber": "DN02CYYW",
        "pnpId": "FTDIBUS\\VID_0403+PID_6015+DN02CYYWA\\0000",
        "vendorId": "0403",
        "productId": "6015"
        "comName": "COM3",
        "manufacturer": "Intel",
        "pnpId": "PCI\\VEN_8086&DEV_8C3D&SUBSYS_2255103C&REV_04\\3&B1BFB68&0&B3",
        "locationId": "PCI bus 0, device 22, function 3"
    "comAccumulatedJobTime": 0,
    "connectVia": "USB",
    "connectPort": "COM4",
    "connectBaud": "115200",
    "connectIP": "",
    "jogStepsize": 1,
    "jogFeedXY": 1800,
    "jogFeedZ": 300,
    "macros": {
      "*GotoXY0": {
        "label": "Goto XY zero",
        "gcode": "G0 X0Y0",
        "keybinding": "ctrl+f1",
        "_locked": false
      "*LaserOff": {
        "label": "LASER OFF",
        "gcode": "M5",
        "keybinding": "ctrl+f2",
        "_locked": false
    "uiFcDrag": null

Problem description

I can’t connect Laserweb with the Tinyg…
Does I have to activate something on the TinyG to make the connection ?

I’m getting the following error :
Connecting Machine @ USB,COM4,115200baud Machine connected No supported firmware detected. Closing port COM4`

This problem has always happened.

But I can perfectly send Gcode to the controller via Coolterm or

System description

  • A custom made CNC controller with a laser on the same head. The whole things is controlled with a TinyG

  • I have a TinyG

  • Firmware build : 440.20 version 0.97 installed

  • I connect via USB

  • My computer(s) on which I run LaserWeb run(s) Win 10 64bits version

Here is my configuration:

LaserWeb talks to TinyG in JSON mode. See:

You might need to activate “RESET_ON_CONNECT” to get it working. For details see:



I have switched the TinyG to JSON mode.

My .env file :

I have put the .env in 2 directories :

But not success, no logfile and no connection to the TinyG

I have checked the sourcecode. For TinyG it should not be needed to activate reset_on_connect because laserweb sends the TinyG version query after a few seconds. If it can’t connect, you might have an incompatible firmware version.
The TinyG support was implemented two years ago for G2 and we did not test much.