TinyG 440.18 is out.

TinyG 440.18 is out. You can use the new firmware programmer in CP if you are running SPJS v1.83.

Darn and I just flashed the .17 firmware yesterday and changed all my settings

I am excited about the new firmware update. I’ll give a shot later today or tomorrow. Hopefully nothing break again.

@Matt, Usually, I manually write down all my setting as a backup.

Henry is there are way to save a copy of settings rather than hand write it all? Maybe be a way to save a txt file that could be copy and pasted as Gcode and uploaded?

@Matt_Herrera In a terminal program (e.g. CoolTerm), run $$ then copy and paste result to a text file.
From withing CP, see: https://github.com/synthetos/TinyG/wiki/Chilipeppr-Archive-and-Restore-Parameters-for-tinyG
I have not run the CP widget since May, recent changes may have rendered it inoperative.

You can’t set parameters via Gcode

Thanks Carl I will check that out. Last couples days have been busy with no time to play with TinyG.

There is also a backup and restore in Chilipeppr for the TinyG

@Davey_Rance The URL I provided above is the how-to-use CP backup and restore

Thanks @cmcgrath5035 it was hidden when i looked as a read more that i missed.

Thank you you :slight_smile: