Tiniest little detail pieces I've ever milled.

Tiniest little detail pieces I’ve ever milled. Using Fusion 360 to get Gcode into ChiliPeppr to mill this awesome precise Raspberry Pi cam mount.

I love the new intro. Also, I’m finding these videos of yours super helpful from a CAD to CAM introduction. The fusion360 videos don’t quite give a good enough direct comparison to the actual workflow of a hobbyist CNC.

I could try a more detailed video on the CAM creation. It took me a bit to figure it all out, but it’s an amazing workflow now and I’m blown away by how good Fusion 360 is and that it’s free for makers.

John, I love that you are making parts for the 3040 on the 3040. A full video of the entire workflow from Fusion 360 would be most welcome.

I am also blown away by this very powerful tool and how these things are all coming together. This such a nice machine to work with but the CAD/CAM is still a lot to learn for so many who are new to all this. I am sure your video would make it clearer to others.

Very nice cad. I noticed in the video you said you were planning to cover them both with lexan or similar to protect them. I think this may cause issues with your ir thermal sensor, maybe test it before you make anything.

Good feedback. If glass throws off the ir sensor that would kill that idea. I’ll test it though.