Time to upgrade my printer I think.

Time to upgrade my printer I think. What printer should I build next? I need something rock solid that I can have print 24/7 with minimal upkeep (think, production machine). The hot-end right will just rotate till I find a perfect match. Thinking mainly about the frame and build area as electronics, extruder etc. can all be swapped rather painless.

Poll Time!
A) TK0 http://devel.lulzbot.com/TK-0/
B) Stock Prusa i3 - http://reprap.org/wiki/Prusa_i3
C) Sgraber’s version of the i3 http://shop.seemecnc.com/Prusa-i3-LC-Parts-w-side-supports-i3LCP.htm
D) Sgraber’s new i3 derivate the Graber https://github.com/sgraber/Graber
E) Mendel 90?
F) Wallace?
G) Something else?

thanks for telling me about graber. its awesome,

I really prefer the stock i3; the laser cut sgraber versions are a real putoff for me. Then again, I also find myself somewhat wishing I had done a Mendel90, because my machine travels a lot (like daily)

box i3, of course.

E). Definitely.

Honestly I prefer C, but I’m biased. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve really liked how simple of a build the i3 is in general. The plastic part count is minimal and you can go box_frame, single_plate, or lasercut and the parts fit.

D is not completed yet, but we’re making steady progress. :slight_smile:

@ThantiK : I’m curious to hear what puts you off about the laser cut versions. The one SeeMeCNC sells is identical to the aluminum i3 frame with the exception that it comes with two gussets for rigidity.

A, only because I built one.

http://Www.3dp.lt, http://www.rapidshape.de

My next printer is likely to be http://shop.seemecnc.com/Rostock-MAX-COMPLETE-3D-Printer-Kit-68398.htm or another deltabot-style printer. The simplicity of three identical axes appeals to me greatly in terms of maintenance and repair.

The Mendel90 seems very popular I’ll price out a BOM. @Shane_Graber do you know if seemecnc is going to sell just the frame? Right now it looks like they are going to just sell a complete Graber Kit. @Roy_Griffith have you really been able to print at 150mm @ 0.1mm layer height?

@Ross_Hendrickson : I think their plan is to sell it as a complete kit, but my guess is that they may also sell just the frame as well if there’s interest. FWIW they currently sell a laser cut i3 single_frame with gussets. The printer shown on their website is actually the one I built a couple months back.

@Shane_Graber yeah, I saw that they were selling the other one, just was hoping they would sell the frame for your new one.

I bet they would if you asked. :slight_smile:

FWIW we’re getting close on the x-axis: http://makerspacegoshen.org/graber-i3-printer-x-axis-update/ Once I’ve got the pieces recut I’ll assemble it, along w/ a LCD holder I just pushed to git and we’ll get this thing running!

I talked to SeeMeCNC today and they said they’d also sell just the lasercut pieces also in addition to a full kit. :slight_smile:

Hah, I looked for them on irc to ask today and didn’t catch them. I’ll try to get in touch tomorrow.

It’s kinda hit or miss to find them on irc. He’s typically on in the evenings, as am I under the nick ‘sgraber’. :slight_smile:

I’m savorywatt, see you later :wink: