Time to get the level out...

Time to get the level out… So I checked the base for level and it is with a little adjustment. So from there I made the bed level. When I place the level on the smooth rods, they are not exactly level. Is this normal?

You’re not trying to make the bed level with the ground or table, you’re trying to make in planar with the extruder. This means you can use the extruder as a reference. Here’s a good explanation:

That makes much more sense than what I was trying to do. :slight_smile:

Yup what @Chris_Brent said :slight_smile:

Is this Z Endstop in the correct place? I’m asking because I’m not able to tighten the wing nuts enough on the bed when I try to level it against the extruder The wing nuts are on the verge of just barely being tight. Any vibration and they will fall off.

Wing Nuts:

Try a washer on top of the printed piece to move the spring out of the pocket. Perhaps I need a longer spring in the BOM. I tried to find one comperable to what I used (but I already had them so found the PN in the BOM on Mcmaster).

@Eclsnowman It might help if I have the glass on the bed. What are you using to hold the glass in place?

Printed ABS clips. I hate those bulldog clips.

Got an stl for them?

I made them so long ago I don’t. I will look at adding them when I get time.

Do ABS clips really work here? With a bed at 100°C or more the ABS should have problems still having force to clip after while, doesn’t it?

@Helmi they have function well for over a year for me. I just made them thick for strength.