Time for my K40D baby to grow a little :) MGN sliders on all

Time for my K40D baby to grow a little :slight_smile:
MGN sliders on all axis (even Z) and optimized drive system to allow for minimum loss on the X and Y movements, so i can keep the K40 case and still have about 400x600 size :slight_smile:
Electronics goes in a external case.

Awesome, remember to take plenty of photos and document it well for everyone else on here that is inevitably interested :stuck_out_tongue: And if you haven’t yet check out a similar build by @Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty tagged #UK40OB on http://openbuilds.com.

Yeah, i was looking at openbuilds first, but with their parts i calculated a 180mm loss on X and Y, each, only for the drive motors.
So i made my own system, taking up only 60mm which gives me 120mm more X and Y movement the laser actually can reach on the same footprint :slight_smile:

The upgrade project is filmed so it´s at least 90% documented :slight_smile:

Very very early prototype of the belt and pulley setup.

https://openbuilds.com/builds/uk40ob.3988/ check this one out done by another group member, similar to yours minus the linear rails :stuck_out_tongue:

@Domm434 Yeah, Ariel´s build is probably the best version so far based on Vslots, really low loss on the movement in his design aswell :slight_smile:

This wiil be a great achievement

Absolutely on my to-do list so following closely.

First part of the project, nothing fun yet, just the tear down of the original gantry. But keep a eye out for next chapter before the weekend, i´ll try to remember to update here too :slight_smile:

very nice indeed - have you got the MGN slider specs handy?

Y is MGN12 with MGN12H block, 600mm long
X is MGN15 with MGN15H blocks, 400mm long
My K40D can probably fit 700mm sliders for Y, but not sure yet what mine will be in the end, as i´m hiding a small electronic compartment to the right for the controller board.


Getting closer, first prototype-parts done and ready to be installed.
Time for X-gantry now :slight_smile:

Final bed size will be 600x390 usable space for the beam to reach, actual bed will be slightly bigger :slight_smile:

Anyone knows how Hakan HP Persson is doing?
Someone can help me on how to get in contact with him?

Hi Hakan, If you are reading this:
How are you on the development of this gantry upgrade kit?
You are selling them on 2 websites, me and 2 of my friends gave you quit a good sum of money, but got nothing in return.
You play dead on emails, facebook, etc… No answers, no info, no tracking info, etc…

It is time to step up and deliver, or step down and refund…

I looked and HP hasn’t logged into this site in 8 months. I just noticed that he recently separated his store to a new domain. Hawklaser.com. Have you tried emailing helpdesk@hawklaser.com?


Hi Ned,

Yes i did, info@ and helpdesk@ hawklaser website, also K40laser se website, also his personal facebook messenger, also the facebook group he moderate, etc…
There is nothing i can’t think i didn’t try.

He has no time to answer mails, or send the payed material, but he has time to change his website.
a mail to explain things only takes 2 min.

Found out on some facebook groups, that the unhappy list isn’t just me and my friends…

I am also another person with a promised delivery of 3 weeksafter purchasing which was 6 weeks ago, have written a few emails to his old and new email addresses and personal message (via here) over the last 10 days and nothing.

I agree with @3Dprinterke, it doesn’t take much to just to update everyone just to say he is running behind - it is in his best interest to do so as he had a good reputation and sure he doesn’t want to destroy that, so for me I called the credit card company 2 days ago after giving HP a chance to respond within a day and they are now chasing him and will refund me if he doesn’t respond to them.


Have done alot of research on this guy and it is seems pretty standard to be really helpful until he gets your money and then communication stops. Some people have been waiting on orders to be supplied from over a year ago and still waiting.

If you proceed it is at your own risk.

yes tried this once again and still nothing, and lots of people are waiting and frustrated

FYI: users who have never logged in to this site after the great Google+ migration show up as last seen in roughly February through April 2019, because they were “seen” from discourse’s perspective during the import process. @HP_Persson has, as of today, never logged into this site and isn’t getting notifications of mentions.

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