Time for an update,

Time for an update, version B.01 is uploaded!

I have uploaded the latest version (B.01) now and only as STEP file, i will add STL´s later!

Below is a list of updates, might not be all but it´s the major ones anyway.

OpenRC Truggy Rev B.01 - Revision Notes:

Added material on Planet Gears for better stability when assemblying. (old onces still compatible)
CVD Axle Shaft stretched on the outside towards the CVD (Old ones might be to short)
Added an “Axle Shaft Cover” for better support around the axle shaft.

Diff Bulkhead
Added material (2mm total) on the bottom and top of the mounting place for Wishbones. (Old ones will most probably not work with the new wishbones)

Wishbone Pin Holder
Added material around wisbone holders

They are now shorter to fit the CVD´s i have. They are also 1mm thicker. It´s highly recommended to print them standing up for better durability.Added more room for the shocks.

Shock Towers
Redesigned for 100mm shocks. added more holes for adjustment of shocks. Added holes for mounting of body holder. (Old ones should still be compatible if using shorter shocks.)

Body Holders


Files available here:


Looking good.

Any chance of printed shock absorbers?

I don’t think PLA or ABS would make a good shock. Maybe when home printers can print metal should that day ever come.

There are a few shocks on Thingiverse if you want to check them out though. Really they are more proofs of concept than something usable.

@Chapman_Baetzel There are, printed in Nylon but they still need some love and it´s not a priority right now. But they are mostly like @Ian_Thomas said just like the others more of a “proof of concept”.