thx Michaël Memeteau  .... presta valve adapter feel work too.

thx @Michael_Memeteau … presta valve adapter feel work too.
design is simple kurling cost 70/1€ ecent 5 pcs from china localy 1 euro max each need only pass with press dril with 5mm bit…and is ready to fit on stepper no glue or other.

Curious to see how it hold on the long term. The bearings are starting to be corroded by the PLA mostly, but the coil is untouched. No idea about how brass will behave. Let us know… And thanks you as well, without your help, I would probably have stopped my effort in an earlier stage.

feel nothing… because it are Zinc Alloy ( Copper Plated )

This afternoon my family permit mount on 300 attach all cables and fire…but feel nothing of this because stay in museum now :slight_smile: