Three tools/jigs that I made this week

The last time that I did any real woodworking was in shop in right grade (which may or may not have been around Y2K). But, we have been setting up our maker space and we wanted to incorporate woodworking into it.

I made a spline jig:

A picture framing jig (not finished yet):

And a crosscut sled made mostly of scraps:

I ordered a toggle clamp from McMaster Carr today and it will be here today. I will be using that on the framing jig to hold the last piece (the stop) I have left to make. I accidently got the square just a bit out of square so I need to fix that as well.


Looking good. Jigs are always fun to make and use.

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For me, making jigs is more fun than making the things the jigs are made to make.

I have recently changed to the matchfit system and have been modifying or rebuilding my jigs with it in mind.


Excellent posts, Don! I actually use the zeroplay bars on any jigs that fit into the slots. I really like the stuff from MicroJig, despite the cost.

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