Three jaw chuck, four sided well enough for a facing cut.

Three jaw chuck, four sided extrusion…works well enough for a facing cut.

I cringed…

Fair cop :slight_smile:

You lucky machinests and your cool toys :wink:

20x40 next? ;p

Gonna need an upgrade for that…how bout we stitch two 20x20’s together for ya? :smiley:

@Hendrik_Wiese why?

I think i can understand why @Hendrik_Wiese1 might cringe but i can actually see how that would work quite well so long as the jaws dont clamp so tight that they mark the extrusion

It’s a pretty heavy lathe, interrupted cuts don’t bug it (Carbide inserts), and I’ll throw a little brass shim stock in there if surface finish is important.

Yea something between jaws and stock material would prevent any jaw marks on the extrusion, and a large (600mm?) digital caliper to measure length to know how much to face off.

I used a bandsaw to get them close, faced off one end, then sat them on a surface plate and used a scribe to get them all equal.