Thoughts? Seems clean and secure.

Thoughts? Seems clean and secure.

I like it!

We must think alike! I ordered 12 of those terminal strips a few weeks ago! I figured they would be just the thing for easy swaps, and not having to resolder wires all the time. Looks great guy

I tried to do molar connectors and just ended up soldering the wires together.

I have been using these, they work if your careful. I also used the 4 pin “aviation” connectors, but they are difficult to solder.

That’s so clean!

The sugar cubes work OK, and that makes a clean installation. I didn’t think the heat shrink solder sleeves were a good idea. Make sure that the hole is pretty full of the ferrule insulation. I soldered directly to my flex cable and to my motors, but I have been known to over-do stuff :wink:

I think you want to attach your cable tray above the motor and have the moving part below it; mine worked out better than way. I have a 3D printed anchor on the Y carriage. There is a wheel on a spacer under the cable chain (not visible on this picture) to keep things lined up nicely.

Appreciate everyone’s feedback!!