Thoughts on adjustabe bed, manual, motor for K40 omtech

Hi There. Slowly figuring out how to get my omtech k40 running right. I have found that the replaced lens head focus distance is about .75 inches above the stock metal floor. Wondering what you all prefer to do to get the material up to the focused beam? I have found some nice motorized and manual adjust working beds that would be great.

I’m assuming that if I upgrade to lightburn/motherboard I would be able to control a motorized bed through the software. Has anyone used lightburn to control Z in a similar way. Does it work well?

Edit. The stock lens head focal length was near the stock metal floor, but replaced with an air assist head, which puts the focal length closer to 1" above the flow, so these z axis options will likely be too tall.

Wondering if anyone would recommend options outside of these listed below?

Manual option

I used the light object table with a stand alone controller that could be switched to also interface to a smoothie +Lightburn. I use a smoothie board but I am not running that machine anymore.

I have not used the lightburn control of that bed but know that others have.

Other controller options are the C3D and Awesometech boards. Providers are members here.

Whatever controller you pick make sure that there is schematics available. They may be needed to properly hook your controller to the LPS.

Check to see if Omtech is smoothie certified.
Looks like many folks have support problems with this board.


Thank you the response Don! Very helpful pointing out the issue with zaxis support on the board Omtech is selling. I thought it would be the best option based upon Omtech selling it - apparently it is not well supported.

For the technical issues and disparity of hardware/software support, I starting to think that manual z control is going to be fine, especially considering that the beam maintains a very narrow profile for a wide distance (appears to be good for near ~20mm). I’m also realizing that I’ll likely need to raise the optic head to get into good beam focal range with the adjustable tables. Not sure what I’ll do at this point. Not real excited about monkeying with optics at this point.

If you decide to monkey with optics after all, this recent comment from @NedMan on another topic will be worth your while.

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