Thoughts? Did I miss some discussion of this? More material use than a

Thoughts? Did I miss some discussion of this?
More material use than a multi nozzle solution ? Looking forward to checking out whatever they actually open source - as $850 seems steep!

It’s definitely a little steep, considering it’s about the cost of a printer. Also, it doesn’t support 3mm filament.

I also wonder how they intend to solve slightly different diameters, material properties, etc. It’s a neat concept at first look but at that price point and with that timeline plus my (limited) understanding of the challenges I’m highly sceptical.

For me this kind of “multi color” isn’t what’s needed. True RGB color controllable from “dot to dot” - that would be a thing …

Interesting idea but what happens if you have a jam in the middle of a print? You basically just wasted some of up to four colors or materials…

It’s an interesting solution, at least. I don’t think the cost of a jam is that much worse than any other jam at the same point. If you have an extra 1m of filament lost above what’s already in the failed part, that’s 0.3% of one spool.

But there’s too many unanswered questions. It seems to rely on things being in sync. Purging a color transition isn’t mentioned. I don’t understand the code generation part. They don’t show the fusion point to show us how clean it is. And that’s a lot of money gone for a long time, with the hope you get something. Like most crowdfund drives, it’s a loan to a stranger with the promise of getting a product back, eventually. I just wouldn’t back this. or most crowdfunds for that matter.

@Nathan_Walkner Right, but you got what I meant: Seamless full color.

@Jeff_DeMaagd They did mention transition in their kickstarter page. Either do infill with the transition zone, or print a sacrificial wipe tower.