Thought I'd share this on how I've been storing the filament.

(Tim Sills) #1

Thought I’d share this on how I’ve been storing the filament. Found this container at Walmart that is sealable and picked up DampRid (aka desiccant) at Home Depot. I’d previously had just the DampRid in a zip lock bag with a filament spool and it had accumulated about half an ounce of water in the bag.

I’m was pretty surprised cause where I live it has low humidity. But it goes to show that filament is a leach for moisture.



(Jeff C) #2

Looks good. I bought a 5gal plastic bucket from Lowes, and got a sealed twist top for it. I got the same damprid tub, and I can fit maybe 4-5 spools, plus a lot more around the edges for some rolls of filament that aren’t on spools.