Thought I would share my CNC Plasma build to date.

Thought I would share my CNC Plasma build to date. The aluminum extrusions were adapted to this new steel frame from a Machine Tool Camp CNC build that I completed in 2009. It’s still looking rough now, but as I begin cutting I plan to make an improved gantry and new stepper mounts. I’m using gecko drives, a CandCNC mp3000 dthc, mach 3, and a Hypertherm pm85.

Nice machine dude! Very nice. I’m now suffering from those pangs of the old green eye! I have many plans to go full on and build one of that quality but it will have to wait until I retire from the airforce and buy my own place with a large workshop. It great to see another CNC plasma table in the community, Ill be following your progress closely. If I can help in any way mate just give me a shout.

I’m very jealous. :slight_smile: I have a small desktop mill, but would love to have a gantry like this for either plasma or even just a router, but something that would take a full 4x8 sheet would be awesome.

I’ll second that. The ability to handle industry standard material with interchangeable cutting types is what I’m aiming at.

Thanks for the comments! This has been a long time coming, I can justify the time spent on the machine build with the future time-savings in cutting complex shapes in steel for clients. Gone are the days of the cardboard pattern and angle grinder with cutting wheel!

Love it

Very nice indeed. Video soon :wink: