Thought I would re-share it here as well,

Thought I would re-share it here as well, since it is targeted at designs for 3d printing :slight_smile:
Google+ won’t let me edit my original post but a small disclaimer is needed: these additional features , as well as those in my previous posts, are for now only available on the dev branch! (ie not in the live demo)

Originally shared by Mark Moissette (ckaos)

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A “small” progress update before I call it a night:

  • BOM (bill of materials) system is now working : and it’s automagic !

  • as long as you define new classes as “extending” from the “Part” class (extends Part), all new instances of your classes will be registered

  • this means that the bom system can count every instance of your user defined parts

  • you can export the bom as a json file

  • since we are dealing with parametric designs , each instance of the same class with different parameters is recorded individually!

  • short example :
    Ie : if you have a box with a hole going through, and the parameter is the size of the hole , if you do box1 = new BoxWithHole(holeSize:10) and then box2 = new BoxWithHole(holeSize:50), you will have two entries each with a count of one on the bom list

  • Bonus : the red cubes in the picture are a visualization (optional) of all “connectors” of the object: this means you will be able to link objects together at specific points etc (for now this is just a visualization of the connectors as defined by openjscad, but the system will be rewritten later)