thought I was being smart, but I ended up cracking the case,

thought I was being smart, but I ended up cracking the case, yet not messing up the bushing as before. I hope super glue saves the day.

try using some acetone around the bushings those parts are abs, or gently heat up the part with a heat gun then press in

Or epoxy?

@Derek_Schuetz ​ careful with heat. The bronze is potted into the outer bushing housing. It can break down and crumble with too much heat (ask me how I know ;). Also heat pushes the oil impregnated into the bronze out. They will look wet after heating… Thats the bronze loosing the oil.

Printing the carriage in ABS and acetone to soften the hole is the best way to go.

My part broke at exact same spot. I used abs pipe glue (essentially acetone with abs) to seal the crack. My concern though that the crack will throw it out of alignment. Still waiting to hook up motors to see how well it moves.
How hot does it get around there? I’m wondering if i can reprint it with PETG.

I tried heating it, and it didn’t help. The other bushing holes show stress also (but no cracking). I’ll glue it and I’m sure it’ll be fine. Considering how poor I assembled this one, I’ll print out a new set of parts and reassemble with new bushings. I hate having an ugly machine.

Use sand paper to adjust/enlarge the holes. The holes for the bushings should be adjusted large enough for you to be able to insert the bushings with a firm push using 1 of your thumbs.