those savvy with programming please help.

those savvy with programming please help. I need to SSH in to the BBB so I did and was able to use debian for login and temppwd for the default password. is there anything else I need to type in before I can do “updatedb” ? how do I locate

ok found it. I think this is where I need to be

yes, but remember to do make install if you modify the sources there. The code isn’t run from that location.

ok did nano and added a new line I call it “DELTAPRINTR” all c values taken from steinhart calc.

so I’m not quite there yet? what do I need to do “make install”? sorry I’m complete noob here

you only added it to the original source files, not the actual code that is run. execute ‘python clean install’ in the redeem folder

Which redeem? The top one?

done. did exactly that line and I can see the new thermistor line I put in. Thanks!

haha Semitec-104NT4 found the steinhart coefficient here

I think I will change my values to follow the number shown there.