Those of you with repraps, what is the most complicated, impressive,

Those of you with repraps, what is the most complicated, impressive, or crazy print you’ve accomplished with your machine without additional support? Links to pictures, or the thing you printed on thingiverse would be great. I had one of these: come off of my machine the other night - sorry, no picture - I wasn’t the one who did it, I just happened to see it at my hackerspace.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a pic of one of your prints.
My best example is probably another Dizingof.
His designs are always a hit at events.

@Billy I haven’t taken pictures of my prints for so long, because I don’t have a camera that can capture 0.1mm and lower layer heights without just looking like a blur. Need to get me a camera with a good macro mode. :frowning:

All of my pics are just taken with my phone. The trick is good lighting.

I printed one of these yesterday:
And one of these today:

No pictures yet, but they came out great, even at relatively low resolution. There were some insane overhangs (first one had big overhangs exceeding 80 degrees, and the second had barely any of its bottom on the platform), but the printer handled them better than I though was possible with an extrusion-based machine.

@Whosa_whatsis What’s your trick for getting such large overhangs to work without support?

There are a lot of things that help, but in this case I think I owe most of it to the material. I love printing MABS.

@Whosa_whatsis I saw the Cellular lamp at the space too! Problem is, I don’t know who actually printed it, and I didn’t actually get to see my machine do it! :frowning:

That’s kind of what got me on this quest - someone printed something more awesome on my machine than I had printed…I’m actually kind of jealous. =P

But, they were obviously printing it at like a 0.3mm layer height…I think this is what I’m going to do tonight, but at my 0.1mm layer height.