Those looking for a monster laser diode,

Those looking for a monster laser diode, take a look at the video bellow

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L-Cheapo Mk5. Single pass cut of 1/8" acrylic. By hand, without a CNC.

Where do I buy one?

@Jonathan_Ransom ​ contacto the supplier @Robots_Everywhere

Diado = diode, I take it.

I am not convinced that he was cutting anything. I heard the snap before the one piece was no longer on the sheet of acrylic and I saw no sign of a cut in the acrylic at the end of the video. If it was reall, he had his finger in danger of being fried by he neam. I seriously hope he wore eye protection if it was a real laser. He needs to keep the work piece in the camera view 100% at all times. He can make a better video so others will not be saying the same stuff. Satisfying the need for good proof for skeptics is important.

Little pricy to purchase the assembled 2W version from, at close to $195USD. When 5.5W diodes on AliExpress go for $130USD-ish.

@David_Komando ​​ Im sure that we is better than the two aliexpress, well that’s what I’ve heard from many users that have bought from ali

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty ​, Gotcha