This whole  thing has made me wonder where most people have their printers set

This whole #printcave thing has made me wonder where most people have their printers set up. If it wasn’t a printcave, what would you call the room? I’m looking for things like home office, guest bedroom, basement, dining room, etc.

I’ve got a loft - one big room. Well, bed/bath are separate but that’s it. Anyway, my printer is in nerd corner, which is conveniently located near couch-potato corner…

My printer doubles as my bedside lamp in my tiny Brooklyn room. My workspace consists of the floor, and patches of other flat surfaces.

The computer room. The printer is only one of my hobbies.

I normally don’t print at home, but the room I do print in is more my workshop than anything. It was a garage at one point, converted into a living room, but it’s got a really short slanted roof. Like, my short 5’6" ass will run into the ceiling fan if I’m not careful.

My wife and I are both artists and have converted our mid-mod ranch’s basement into our studio… my printers are living there in the studio next to our workshop. At the university we have a somewhat-boring computer lab overlooking downtown Denver where the mg prusa, laser, and hopefully soon a form 1 all live.

Kitchen table is the main place I print, I never get time in the cave. Also every Thursday at @CCCKC .

Bedroom, from what it sounds like, a similar setup to @Benjamin_Rockhold 's

I have them in my home office, I’ll post a pic later today!

in a server rack in my living-room that holds my entertainment system as well

@Anthony_White how many entertainment systems do you need? :stuck_out_tongue:

there aren’t any video game consoles if that’s what you mean - stereo, desktop, and a few raspberry pi’s (printer control and xmbc)

Actually, I was referring to how entertaining a 3d printer is to watch.

ah. yes. now if only I could get octoprint to work with the webcam


Easy one - without the printer it would still be a workshop.

My fixed ToM is actually set up in a large mobile case with wheels.
So I set it up whereever I need it.


Home office when working on it (mostly making short testprints for OctoPrint), spare bathroom for actual printjobs, cupboard when it’s not used. It tends to be moved around a lot.

@Anthony_White give me a shout when you need help with the webcam :slight_smile:

Home office, nice having it in the house and a generally consistent temperature for printing. Terribly distracting when I’m supposed to be working!