This week I finally jumped into CNC routing.

(Kurt Meister) #1

This week I finally jumped into CNC routing. :slight_smile: My Stepcraft is now driven by grbl 1.1f.

Now I would like to use LW4 for CAM. Is there already some documentation for setting it up availlable? I could not find any on

(Ariel Yahni (UniKpty)) #2

There is not but if you need help let me know. Also @Todd_Fleming ​ is the master on this

(Jim Fong) #3

I’ve been testing a lot of the CAM functionality on my CNC. If there are specific questions, I may be able to help.

(Todd Fleming) #4

Make sure you set $10=0 so LW can get position feedback from grbl. The CNC flow is like the laser flow, but with different operation types.

(hamad musabeh) #5

hi there , i’m also starting to use LW4 for my cnc , did you find documentation on how to set it up for spindles , and any tips to follow, thx

(Kurt Meister) #6

@hamad_musabeh Take a look here: