This was a sad day..

This was a sad day… I thought i might have enough filament to finish the kit.

Now I have to wait for the filament I ordered to get through a storm in Utah or something. I need to get a filastruder…

(Bed is going to be cleaned after the print is finished)

Where site did you order your filament from? What are you designing?

I get mine off eBay I get it cheaper 27$ shipped. I was making a printrbot kit that part on the plate is a wades extruder body.

I am working on a site (still in progress) that will put all filaments, printers, and parts from different companies onto one site. Let me know what you think: - On the side note: take a pic of the finished extruder body when you are done, I would love to see how it turned out.

Can do. It will end up being two tone as the next roll I have that will be here on time is bright blue. Then I have another bright red coming but that won’t be here until around Thursday or Friday.

People like you are the reason why I am making this site. So you dont have to go through issues like this. I have yet to own a 3D printer or even make a product, but I enjoy this industry too much to fall behind so I made this site to consistently update and stay within the advancements of it.

Much appreciated. I looked at the site and its looking good. Any bulk deals on filament?

Let me find out for you from the people I help advertise their site.

@Jeremy_G_WeisTek_Eng you can find it around 19 dollars per KG with shipping, they show up as 1$ but the shipping is around 17-18 dollars

Thanks for the heads up. Most want a min order of 25kg 55lbs that’s quite a big order… I was thinking maybe a bit smaller bulk order. Ill keep looking on there though.