This turned out excellent!!!! :D

(Ira T) #1

This turned out excellent!!!

(Mark Kriegsman) #2

Great concept, great execution!

(Herb Smith) #3

Loved it; gives me inspiration on what to with friends BM painting. Would you like to share the code?

(John Hendy) #4

Awesome! Love the diffusion/blur against the wall. I’m assuming the effect is just by having them face the wall with some distance in between?

(Ira T) #5

Can’t share the code at this time, as there may be more in the works.
I used 3 polycarb standoffs to give it that glowing effect.
It was simple to make, ridiculous to program.

(John Hendy) #6

Is the polycarb diffusing it, or you just mean that gives it the required distance? I can’t even imagine programming that! You manually coded it to sync with the song, I assume?

(Ira T) #7

The song was laid down in video post prod, but it just so happened that many parts synced up.
I used the 3 polycarb “pegs” for the standoff distance because I had some 1/4" thick stuff on hand, it was clear, and easy to tool. The clear sides face towards the sides, which essentially leaves no indication that there’s anything there. I decided to go with 3 (top middle, and lower sides) instead of 4 in each of the corners, as 3 points make a plane, and 4 pegs just would become a hastle.
There’s about 350 lines of code, so yea… many beers went into this project. :wink:

(Ira T) #8

I found that, when holding it up to the wall, 2 fingers (like “cross your fingers”) worth of distance was perfect. Not too short of a distance, and not so far that the painting frame would look funny being too far off the wall.

(John Hendy) #9

Thanks for sharing the details. Nice to have some rules of thumb (or, two fingers!) if I try something like this. I’ve seen the diffuse effect on other projects and just love it. There’s a pretty wild animation at one point in your animation that looks like the lights are almost boiling/bubbling… Made me think “blast off”!

(Dirk Vinkx) #10

Makes me want to say : “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that”