This took a while to build.

(Mike Joseph) #1

This took a while to build.

(Ken White) #2

@Mike_Joseph - Great and unique concept! I like it a lot. You should consider adapting some of @Jason_Coon 's Tree V2 code on your unique build:

(Mike Joseph) #3

Thanks Ken - I am actually working on lighting two large outdoor trees at present and would love to steal the code for that if Jason can spare it. The table lamp LEDS are actually sequenced end to end so the lovely chasing effects in this tree would end up going around and around - I may give it a try. Actually the hardest parts of the build was the touch ring - its been a real bear to get it reliable and its still flakey.

(Ken White) #4

@Mike_Joseph - I was able to adapt @Jason_Coon 's code to an 8X8 matrix as seen in the following post:

You might consider each level of your lamp as a square in the matrix of my code which is located at:

or you can use Jason’s approach for your lamp.

For your trees, you can find all of the aspects of Jason’s amazing tree mapping project including the code at:

(Jeremy Spencer) #5

Cool lamp, how did you cut the discs? Or are they printed?

(Marc Miller) #6

Very unique build. What sort of pixels are you using?

(Mike Joseph) #7

@Jeremy_Spencer they are cut from a sheet of 5mm plexi and machined using a router table… It was a real pain. I am now printing a version of the same concept using transparent filament which will be far easier to assemble.

(Mike Joseph) #8

@marmil Thanks. They are Ws2812 driven by an Esp32 and the FastLed demo reel effects. I have yet to create some specific for this assembly but I see Jason Coon has already done some LED mapping for a shape like this. The interface uses capacitive touch sensing in the Esp32 and includes subroutines to adjust brightness and recall the last setting when turned on. My C coding is very poor so I have not pursued the obvious next steps like App control etc…

(Marc Miller) #9

@Mike_Joseph The capacitive touch is a nice touch addition.