This technology can make 3D printing a lot better

This technology can make 3D printing a lot better

Please put something in the post other than the article title because right now, this looks like simple click bait.

they print with an ink that contains a metal oxide power + solvent + some rubbery stuff that holds everything together. Then they throw it into a reducing furnace to retain elemental metal. I’d expect the result to be very porous and relatively week.
Shapeways uses a similar technique (or did) for printing in steel; spray a binder onto a metal power, fuse metal and burn away binder in a furnace, and then improve strength by letting it soak in a bath of some metal that had a much lower melting point (like brass).

I posted something a few months back and somebody complained about it, this is the second complaint. I don’t think it’s clickbait I didn’t see anything that looked like it was advertising but if it is if you consider it advertising then delete it… I have posted a lot of useful stuff in here over the years. I’m fed up with people dictating how things should be done, there’s just too much of that shit on the Internet. I don’t want it in the places I like visiting, so I will find another place. I won’t bother posting anything here in future. goodbye gone…

That’s fine, if that’s your decision. It has nothing to do with advertising here, it has everything to do with allowing others in the forum to see what an article is going to be about without having to click on it to find out if they want to read it.

It’s one click. If that’s too much work then don’t click.

Click baiting is not the same as advertising. It’s phrasing a title in such a vague way that it’s horribly non descriptive but still makes people curious enough to click on it (to generate page impressions and therefore increase ad revenue or resale value of an established online presence). And it’s one of the most annoying fads currently on the internet (“she did something and you won’t believe what happened next!”). We don’t need that here, there’s enough of that kind of content all over the web already.

It’s not too much to ask to at least write one short sentence about a link that’s being shared that tells a bit more about the content behind the link than the title (“interesting article about xyz”), and that’s all what are asking for here (and it’s also part of the community guidelines linked to from the community page btw). If that’s too much work, maybe the link isn’t worth sharing after all.

This isn’t a link dump, there are enough of those already all over G+ and the general internet. And they seldomly lead to interesting and meaningful discussions about 3d printing, which is the whole point of this little get together here.