This stuff it really stretchy! anyone use this stuff yet?

This stuff it really stretchy! anyone use this stuff yet?

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NINJAFLEX filament! It STRETCHES! :smiley:

How the heck do you push that through the extruder/hot end? Seems like pushing a wet noodle!

Never going to work with a Bowden set up (I imagine).

they have a FAQ on their page and show a example of an extruder that would should work, looks similar to a whthomas upgrade/spring type exstruder, thought it looks like the initial wheel is more of a pointed gear type than just a smooth grove end on the stepper motor. Also I think the temp is extremely low for melting… will let you guys know when i try and print out a sample chip once i get my printer fixed.

@David_Clunie I’m having quite good luck with 3mm NinjaFlex, filament, using a Wades extruder on a Mendel90.
Here are couple of tips for using it I learned along the way:

  1. It has a narrow temperature range for good quality prints; 215C to 220C
  2. You have to print slow. If you extrude too fast it will kink up in the feed tube below the hobbed bolt.
  3. You need to make sure that all other filament is well flushed out.
  4. Use 4 mm retraction for non-print moves or it will leaves strings.
    I’m getting very high quality prints now with it, and the material properties are quite amazing. but it took a little experimentation.

Sounds like it might print nice shoes

I didn’t even realize @MakerBot1 had a flexible filament too. I am going to have to try this NinjaFlex to see if it works on my Replicator. Looks awesome!!