This STL and Gcode viewer app for Android works quite nicely.

This STL and Gcode viewer app for Android works quite nicely. It works both on my phone and tablet, but it’s much nicer on the tablet. It renders STL files beautifully, and is quite responsive (on Asus Transformer infinity TF700). Also you can rotate and rescale the STL geometry then re-save it prior to slicing, which I find useful. The Gcode viewer, allows you to scroll through the slices one at a time. All in all, it’s a keeper. Anyone know of other useful apps for 3-D printing? I tried GCode simulator, but it fails on every gcode that I generate.

The above is an usolicited testimonial.
My only involvement with the developer is as a satisfied customer. I felt that this app would be useful to some members of the G+ 3D Printing Community.

Sadly it’s not compatible with the S4

On my not up to date tablets Graphite is quite slow when it comes to show gcode. I like also

How do GCodes for 3D printers compare to GCodes for CNC mills and lathes?
Do you think a conversational printer would be better?

What exactly fails when using Gcode simulator ? If you send me some sample gcode files I could fix it.

@Mathias_Dietz I’m loading gcode files that are created with Skeinforge. When I try load them in GCode Simulator, I get a “Failed to load model, Invalid gcode file” error message. The files however work fine with Pronterface on my Melzi board. I’ll send you a sample file when I get a chance. Thanks for following up.

I figured out that Skeinforge uses M101/M103 gcodes a lot but GcodeSimulator did not support them. I have just uploaded a new version V0.97, would you mind retrying?

Thanks @Mathias_Dietz ,
I’ll give it a try this evening.
I’ve really only tried using the Android version up until now.
Also, lately I’ve changed from Skeinforge to Slic3r

Ok. I did not yet update the Android version. When the PC version works successfully for you I can update the Android version as well Thanks.