This spores overhang is very extreme.

(Step Cia) #1

This spores overhang is very extreme. My setup is pretty good with overhang but this model is pushing the limit… Should have set Z lift retract higher…

(Step Cia) #2

I’ve been using S3D with duet wifi for multi tool head printing their use of T0 and T1 for me is quite nice

(Greg Nutt) #3

Wow, that’s quite a beast.

(Este ban S) #4

that looks pretty amazing, (and your Zaxis are independet to?)

(Step Cia) #5

Thanks. Yes the Z are independent. I uploaded the printer here so anyone can see more detail :slight_smile:
Check out this scene in 3D and virtual reality on Sketchfab:

ZideX 3D printer

(Step Cia) #6

And the design and build experience also documented here also contain original intent

(Step Cia) #7

Yes the short bowden is stiff enough to handle the task.

(grace glory) #8

It look pretty amazing (and so wonder love it