This seems to be a thorn in my side.

This seems to be a thorn in my side. This happens to me every time I apply the 3D-EEZ film. This time it’s really bad. I’m posting it on here hoping more people will see it and have recommendations.

I cleaned the glass off with soap and water and scrubbed the heck out of it to clean it off. I wiped it dry and let it set for a bit. I applied 3 coats of film alternating directions every time with about an hour between coats.

Perhaps you need to clean with alcohol?

Is that during part removal?

Yes that is what happened when I removed the part.

Try a little bit higher from the bed in the nozzle height (less squish), and a little bit colder on the bed temp. May just be bonding too well. Also as mentioned clean with acetone or alcohol first (or window cleaner), then apply to the glass.

Yep, have to clean with alcohol. For a big print I’ll let the bed cool a bit to help the release. Also have a flat metal spatula 1" wide to help start lift. But even on a stubborn removal, never had the surface pull off like that.

I will clean my other piece of glass with alcohol. I don’t have a heated bed. I shouldn’t need one for PLA right? Also this print sat for at least 8 hours before I tried to gently peel it up knowing that I would have this problem.

PLA works great cold…works great with hairspray, or Glue stick, or 3m blue tape rubbed down with rubbing alcohol.

I cleaned the glass with alcohol and I can already tell by putting on the first coat that the film sticks a lot better. I will test it out tomorrow and see how it works.

If you have a heated bed, you must set the bed to ~55C when applying the EEZ. Wait till each layer is translucent between coats, and no more than 3 coats. If you do NOT have a heated bed, use only one coat.

Seriously just the one coat?

@Martin_Bogomolni_MB I had problems with applying it on a hot bed. I had the best results alcohol wiping the glass, then applying the first coat. Let it air dry between coats, or put a fan near by so it evaporates the water faster so you can apply the remaining coats quicker.

Yes. On non heated build plates, just one coat. And you must apply it with the plate at 55C if you have a heated bed. If you dont follow the instructions, the result is as you see… bad adhesion and ripping.

If you are curious what eez is… it’s just PVA glue. Seriously. Its just fancy Elmer’s Glue.

I never had this problem when applied straight onto an aluminum bed, maybe your glass is too smooth/clean?
My bed is an MK3 alu bed, I apply while cold then heat up to cure, multiple layers.