This post in the Open RC forum:  Evolution of parts for an RC Car...

This post in the Open RC forum:

Evolution of parts for an RC Car… In this case the differential

So nice to see others joining in on modifying the project.

It’s the iterative improvement that is fascinating, the ability to stick the item in its environment, a differential on an RC car is a brilliant example of this, when it breaks then you study it get back on your cad software make a minor alteration print out another one on and on until you’ve got a perfect item.

And it’s not just this individual iteration, it’s the fact that it is open source any one can pick it up and use it iterate it apply their specialist knowledge to it whether it be material properties or mechanical properties or design properties.

Then there’s the possibility of exponential growth in a particular item I’m not sure this is the right one but imagine its use in an RC helicopter an RC lorry.

I have a ride on lawnmower with a similar looking differential and the case on these differentials always breaks, they cost a fortune to fix, I am considering making a case by the lost PLA Investment process for my mower!