This Open-Source Image Generation AI Has NO RULES (Lifetime Free, Uncensored & Unfiltered)

YouTube removed it but the original is now reposted on Rumble.
BTW it does not show any nudity, profanity or illegal content.


lol. This is ancient information in AI terms.

The Juggernaut checkpoint (loosely AI database) is almost a year and half old. Juggernaut XL is a few months old. You can find multiple checkpoints with the same features already.

The progression of this AI image generation technology is mind boggling.

I have a dozen different checkpoints installed in my ComfyUI interface. Each checkpoint comes with different pluses and negatives. Some are better than others at different features depending on how well they were trained. Each will give you different results for your text to image prompts.

Encourage everyone to play with them all.

Each checkpoint can be many gigs large in size and takes a bit to load.

I probably should mention I have this installed but is not my main go to checkpoint. The standard diffusion XL checkpoint is probably still the one I go to most.

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Tried to watch it just now and got this message :face_with_spiral_eyes:

This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Terms of Service

Bummer …


Weird. Wonder which rule they broke.

The person I follow to stay up on AI news is Matt Wolfe.

Good resource to see what is going on in the AI world.

Yesterday google announced it is taking over the web by cutting out the middle men (actual sources) and using AI to give google search answers. lol or so goes the conspiracy though probably a kernel of truth in it.

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Google claims it broke their nudity clause. The poster is trying to redo the video so it passes their censors. Of course there’s a lot of conspiracy theories too.

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