This one is for Joe Murphy   and anyone else who is interested in

This one is for @Joe_Murphy and anyone else who is interested in my 3d printer design.
I updated the Github Repo with the latest version, which now allows for easy selection of different extrusion profiles. I also added in the profiles for 15, 20, 25, and 30 series 8020 extrusions. A note on changing extrusion sizes, you will also want to change the ex_screw variables.
Other changes include adding fillets on most of the parts for faster printing and less material use.
Please see

This is awesome Just in time for me to Print this weekend. Thanks @Stephanie_A

You’ll need to manually select the motor mounts and rod mounts from rod_motor_holder.scad, I added in the code at the bottom to correctly orientate the Y motor mount, but haven’t done so for the Z rod mount and Y rod mounts (they are centered on the Z axis, will need to be raised.) You’ll also need to select the X motor end.
Everything is still in beta, so I advise you check the measurements before you print everything out, and configure everything for what you have.

@Joe_Murphy I just updated the files so you can select them easier and print what you need.

@Stephanie_A Nice. Look at last few days of my work at, you can get the totally awesome X belt tensioner.

Loved the belt tensioners @Vaclav_Hula , will use the idea in the printer I’m designing :slight_smile:

Wahoo! Need to do a pull and check this out. Working on some adjustable printable feet for yah.