This morning we released our long awaited, non stick coated, Nozzle X.

(E3D Support) #1

This morning we released our long awaited, non stick coated, Nozzle X. This nozzle remains super hard even at the highest of temperatures and even comes with a lifetime wear guarantee. Pre-order yours today here:

If you want to find out more about the Nozzle X then go ahead and read our latest blog post!

(Jon Gritton) #2

Oooo, would like one of those…

(Kevin Danger Powers) #3

While your video looks cool and the nozzles are probably nice, $25 for 1 is stupidly expensive. Granted that I only print in PLA though so maybe it’ll appeal more to someone that prints materials that are more difficult to print with.

(Neil Darlow) #4

For something made from superior materials, having additional surface treatment and given a lifetime wear warranty I’d say $25 is acceptable. It’ll last the lifetime of your printer easily.

(Christoph Pech) #5

When can we expect the super volcano?

(Ryan Carlyle) #6

Lifetime wear warranty is worth $25.

(Cristian Nicola) #7

@Ryan_Carlyle i’d love to meet anyone that has ever used a lifetime warranty on anything :smiley:

(Ryan Carlyle) #8

@Cristian_Nicola for people running through a brass nozzle every half kilo of CF filament, just getting a product the vendor is willing to stand behind is worth something :slight_smile:

(Sebastian Terhorst) #9

@Cristian_Nicola nice to meet you, too :wink:

(Jeff DeMaagd) #10

This product isn’t necessarily for the bargain hunter that only prints regular materials. If it lives up to billing, it will be able to print anything, so the only reason to change nozzles is to change the orifice. The coatings might be useful to everyone just to help keep the nozzle clean. I know bare nickel plating helps a lot, WS2 on top of it should help even more.

(Jeff DeMaagd) #11

One thing I don’t like about the presentation is they clearly jacked up the particle density of the competing nozzle to make it look worse than it is. Seems like they do or say something a little shady in every new product presentation, this is the clearest in my opinion.

(Cristian Nicola) #12

@Sebastian_Terhorst teach me, master! :))

(Sebastian Terhorst) #13

@Cristian_Nicola had a little gadget once, which got replaced because of lifetime warranty after like four years of ownership, so here i am :slight_smile: