this landed on my desk... smintx6 smoothie compatible board.

(Marko Novak) #1

this landed on my desk…
smintx6 smoothie compatible board.

I’m new to smoothie ecosystem, firstly i’m interested if any of you already know this board and if it is in any shape in violation of smoothiewere…

i only received basic pinout diagrams, rest of info on installation/configuration is linked to smoothieware page.

board is made in same country i live, so technical support is bit easier for me, they said the board is completely open source, so maybe they just need bit help in support department :wink:

i hope i didn’t step on any toes, for pasting this here :slight_smile:

(Tiago Ermida) #2

Which drivers?

(Marko Novak) #3

@Tiago_Ermida if i got it right, same ones as on original smoothieboard…

edit:reposted, because of photo compression. drivers are A5984.

(Griffin Paquette) #4

I remember seeing the prototypes of this! Looks cool

(Cruz Monrreal (Mr. Cruz)) #5

Damn, that is one clean, well layed-out board.

(Griffin Paquette) #6

@Cruz_Monrreal_Mr_Cru no kidding. Damn nice board from the looks of it.

(Marko Novak) #7

i got it without heatsink (stamped alu plate with 2 fans), i reckon i could fit heatpipe from laptop or 2 on it… but i was told that it could work passive on “lite” loads (<1A, no heated bed).

one this i still miss… pinout sequence on motor connectors.

(Marko Novak) #8

@Griffin_Paquette only thing i could trip over on the board… flux wasn’t cleaned after soldiering connectors.

board layout is a bit different than on the photos i got, i presume photos are from prototype.

(Griffin Paquette) #9

@Marko_Novak yeah that’s not good. Can cause corrosion pretty quickly. Any chance you could give me what the top of the mosfets read? Wanting to know their value.

(Marko Novak) #10

@Griffin_Paquette you’ll get it in few hours :wink: when i get home

(Marko Novak) #11

taking a photo is easier than reading :slight_smile:
all 6 are same, could you get back to me with numbers… so i don’t have to dig.

(Marko Novak) #12

any other close-ups needed?

(Triffid Hunter) #13

Yikes I hope they’re driving those mosfets from at least 5v, they’re extremely marginal with only 3.3v on the gate… see Fig.8 in the datasheet (Infineon BSC067N06LS3)

(Griffin Paquette) #14

@Triffid_Hunter they have gate drivers that you can see from the full board view. No FETs work particularly well at 3.3V gate voltage from Smoothieware. Almost everyone uses s gate driver to step it up.

(Marko Novak) #15

without proper pinout diagram, i managed to get basic things going in geeetech g2s frame…
bit of discussion and photos here:

there is quite a bit of “coil wine” from FET when powering the 144w bed (24v).

all 5/3v3 switch points are pre soldiered for 3v3 (smd) in my case.

(Marko Novak) #16

looks like i will have to rotate glcd cables, since i only get quick beep and no screen.

(Marko Novak) #17

board was tested on g2s delta, to confirm it works…
then off to modding :slight_smile:

exp2 reset pin (as it works in glc and marlin…) was not connected to anything, so i jumped reset pin from ISP connector.

if that isn’t wise, please let me know, i still have to finish other stuff on intended printer frame, so it won’t be powered on any time soon :slight_smile:

(Marko Novak) #18

added some pins…
top left, led indication pins that could be repurposed…
and below Ethernet connector, signal pins for mosFETs, few gnd points, 3v3, 5V, and one VBB pin.

(Marko Novak) #19

rest of the pins are doubled from exp ports and thermistors, but in different arrangements.

(Bray pp) #20

more infos about drivers, fets, pinout, schematic,…: