This keeps happening after rebuilding my Eustathios Spider V2 and installing a new Azteeg

you set the microstepping via the jumpers on the board under the driver. It is set via the details here:

Note For the SD2224 jumpers MS1 and MS2 set the microstepping, and MS3 sets if it is in stealth chop or spreadcycle modes. Details in the link above.

@Eclsnowman That is where I have the microstepping set to 1/32. I’ve tried both stealth chop and spreadcycle modes.

Do I need to reboot after each change of the configuration?

@bcrazycramer yes reset after each change to the configuration. Also changes via the ESP interface are likely written to config_override. But perhaps @Roy_Cortes can confirm. I am not near my printer to test if the changes are in config or config_override. If you have changes in config, but there is a config_override… then config_override wins.

Here is the config file. When I swapped Z and Y my Y axis had the same issue being on the Z axis pins.

gamma_current 1.0

I don’t know if these two settings could cause me trouble:

z_axis_max_speed 15000
gamma_max_rate 15000

Maybe this is my problem?

gamma_steps_per_mm 5120

5120 is what it should be for 1/32 micro stepping. 2560 for 1/16 micro stepping. I can home Z no problem, but I can’t move Z up or down with Simplify3D.

I had to set z axis max speed to 300 and it appears to be working better although my first print failed but I ran out of time to try another print.