This keeps happening after rebuilding my Eustathios Spider V2 and installing a new Azteeg

This keeps happening after rebuilding my Eustathios Spider V2 and installing a new Azteeg X5 Mini WIFI with SD2224 drivers. It shifts on every print job.

Think the drivers are overheating? What is your current set at in firmware? Do you have cooling on the drivers (trinamic are known for running hot).

alpha_current 0.65
beta_current 0.65
gamma_current 0.75

I forget the math. Is that 2 * .65 = 1.3 for X and Y and 1.5 for Z.

I’m assuming you’ve observed this happening? Not visibly getting caught on anything? All your set screws on pulleys are tight?

@Carter_Calhoun Yes I watch it shifting on each layer practically.

@Eclsnowman I’m going to try 1.0 for XYZ. As far as cooling. What’s that? I need to get that hooked back up I guess.

Eric’s asking if you have forced air (fan) on those drivers. If not, that’s most likely.

Looks like it’s only shifting on one axis, is that correct? If so, maybe try swapping your Z stepper driver with your skipping axis and see what happens.

The trinamic are actually setup on the digipot so you put actual current value in firmware. So if you put in 0.65 in the smoothie config you are getting 0.65A. The 2xVref is for if you have digipot disabled and are using the manual pot via the screw adjustments. In that case you measure the voltage and 2xVoltage measured in the solder pad = approximate current.

Yes you want cooling running over the drivers.

@Eclsnowman Thanks! That could be causing me some trouble running them at .65A. I set them all to 1.0A.

I need to print the Azteeg X5 Mini V3 electronics package stl so I can mount it properly. After that I will get the fan setup. Is it enough to just have the fan mounted and blowing air over the board?

It’s almost 5:00 so I will give it a try tomorrow.

@bcrazycramer ideally you would want a ducted fan forcing it directly over the fins… But some airflow is better than none so if you get the 40mm fan hooked up similar to the GitHub design, you should be fine.

Looks good at 1A. Too bad I need the fan. This thing would be near silent with the Azteeg X5mini WIFI and SD2224 drivers.

Cool! Fan could be pretty small I think, 40mm probably? That’s not loud at all. Mine is hooked up such that it only comes on when the steppers are active, which at least then when idle your machine would be silent :wink:

Well. It started to work. I don’t think my Z axis is moving at all.

I made some changes via the X5mini WIFI interface. Does this override the config.txt file? Do I need to reboot after making changes?

So what is the actual current to the steppers:

alpha_current 1.0 ## 0.65 # X stepper motor current
beta_current 1.00 # 0.65 # Y stepper motor current
gamma_current 1.5 ## 0.75 # Z stepper motor current

Are they set at 1.0 and 1.5 or .65 and .75?

I’m asking because my Z axis just whines when I try to move it up or down. If I home Z it seems to work sometimes.

I’m not sure what this is either:

z_axis_max_speed 300 # # 300 # mm/min ###was 15000###

gamma_max_rate 30000 # mm/min actuator max speed ###was 15000###

Hey Brandon, take my input with a grain of salt, I’ve never used the X5mini or anything other than RAMPS for that matter, but, I have noticed in certain cases that when I make changes to the configuration, a reboot needs to take place before it is implemented. A simple and fast thing to test.

On first look, that z_axis_max_speed info seemed strange, but then again Eric is going to know that best.

I don’t get it. I can move the Z around in the EPS3D for Smoothware web page off the X5 Mini but not in Simplify3d. I can home Z in Simplify3d and EPS3D web page.

are you sure your steps/mm are set correctly for Z?

I have the Z set for 1/32. I think in the past I have always used 1/16 which is what I started with. Do I need to set this somewhere else for 1/32?

@bcrazycramer If you are running 1/32, when you were previously running 1/16, then you would double your steps per mm in your configuration.