This isn't surprising at all,

This isn’t surprising at all, but will be interesting to see how legislation will develop. Some of my favorite quotes from it:

“Politics, as we’ve learned, is woefully unprepared to handle major technological advancement. While Israel means well, his ability to keep an 3D model off of Google is laughable at best and dangerous at worst.”

“The danger in legislating 3D printers is that it is on one hand impossible and on the other hand potentially damaging to a nascent industry.”

“…I equate this technology to the way dot matrix printers eventually begat the desktop publishing features available to even the rankest of amateurs today. However, a printed page can never be used to kill someone.”

That: " However, a printed page can never be used to kill someone." gave me the chills.

And I would dispute that statement. I’d argue that paper really has killed more people in this world than guns ever have.

I don’t want to live on this planet any longer…

Are they going to legislate CNC mills, too? I believe they pose a greater risk since they can produce guns that won’t fall apart on the first shot. While they’re at it, I think they should add a paragraph about drill presses, scroll saws, files, drill bits, bar stock, screws and nuts too, since they can also be used to craft a gun.

I think it might be part hype and part ubiquity that makes 3d printers such a target here. DefDist isnt helping things either. If you can find a CNC mill and tooling for $200 or even $500 I would be impressed. I would imagine for example that making high capacity clips is worlds easier on a 3d printer than using a traditional metal shop as a cnc mill alone wouldnt do it but a 3d printer obviously can.