This is why chilipeppr is the right platform.

This is why chilipeppr is the right platform. From idea to implementation will only take a few hours. Introducing an all new mobile friendly grbl workspace. Some reorganization on the widgets since those are the ones most useful.

Give it a whirl.

Not perfect yet but it is getting there. Need more inputs. :slight_smile:

It’s looking good. Maybe drop the margin/padding on left right of each widget a bit to gain some more screen real estate. You sure you don’t want to put the 3D Viewer in a widget? Man, it is amazing how the workspace idea is working out here. This really came together fast.

It would be cool to allow jogging on the touch screen of the smart phone. What if you made a pendant workspace that you could load on your phone. It would allow touch swipes to let you move left/right, back/forth. Could be weird, but also could be interesting. Because SPJS is already doing the hard work of taking in commands from any end-point, most of the problem is already solved.

You could use CSS zooming to make each widget be a tiny little tile. Then maybe gang up a 2 column grid of the tiny tiles and as you tap them they zoom forward like the size in your screenshot. Because most phones have retina displays, you literally could see the XYZ axes, gcode widget code flying by, and 3d viewer all in one screen that doesn’t need to scroll. If you want to zoom in you tap and can interact. So, you’d likely have to lay a div over the tile to catch touches. Zoom the widget forward and remove the overlay div. Maybe the back button you intercept to make the tile go back.

You mean allowing gestures for jogging (like Hammer.js)? That might not be a bad idea. I think it would be AWESOME to have a mobile pendant workspace that work just like this pendant. but perhaps with a better UI.

Isn’t this just expanding the capabilities of chilipeppr in ways that would overtake everything else? I love this idea.

I like the tile interface idea. I don’t think I fully understand it yet but I feel that we are onto something fantastic right here.

Yeah. I never even thought of a mobile phone pendant until you whipped up this workspace for the phone. I think this is really validating all the underlying principles I was after.

  1. Getting the serial port with a websocket interface
  2. Getting the UI into the browser
  3. Creating a web app with forking/workspacing for anyone to use
  4. Making each major feature it’s own self-contained UI object called a widget
  5. Creating a loosely coupled interaction system for the widgets (pubsub signals).

Combining those 5 items is creating magic for the CNC arena.

Maker-oriented UI might be the next buzzword everyone is seeking to add to their resume :D. I entirely agree on those wining principles. I think chilipeppr is the next big thing in software for makers.

Or…Hardware Fiddle!

Hardware Fiddle sounds like a steampunk violin. That might not be a bad logo btw :smiley:

Is there a TinyG ‘version’ of this @Dat_Chu ? I would love to see this. Honestly I have not looked at the code yet so it might be a no brainer trivial.

perhaps /tinygmobile or something. I cant wait to finish this maker faire demo then I can get some code on!

Not yet I have a plan to make getting these views for mobile easily without creating one’s own workspace.

Nice! John just sent me a link to this. Very impressive. Do you know if this will run locally in the RPi web browser? I know it supports JavaScript. I just wonder how useable that would be.

If you are running Raspberry Pi B+ or Pi2 it is not too shabby at all. I think the Pi2 runs quite smoothly. I can run this on my smartphone when it is connected to my home wifi so I assume Pi2 shouldn’t be too bad.

That’s great to hear! I’ll give it whirl this weekend. @jlauer I couldn’t find a link to Dat’s GrblLight on the Chilipeppr main page. Is there somewhere that lists all of the different workspaces like Dat’s?

I’ve been looking to add Dat’s workspace to the home page, but he wanted to clean it up first. I will whenever he’s ready for me.