This is where 3D printing is right now! I feel sorry for all 3D

This is where 3D printing is right now! I feel sorry for all 3D printer manufacturers that will have to compete with the Original Prusa i3 MK2.

The Prusa 3D printers are awesome- in particular being open source and low cost- and all around good printers- but I kind of prefer a non-moving bed design- maybe Prusa will design a printer like that.

Think this will be my next printer

Am convinced and trust your judgement tom :wink: , am gonna start saving some money starting from the next month for it :smiley:

The prints in that video do look very nice. I do have a question: from a hardware point of view your previous highest accolades went to the Lulzbot machines and I don’t see that there could be much of a difference between these machines as far as build goes if anything the lulzbot machines seem to be sturdier by design. Does that mean the improvements are due to the firmware and slicing profiles that make this machine better? or are you saying this machine prints as well as a taz5/6 for less than 1/2 the money?

@Ted_Huntington Or maybe you can design one! The possibilities are endless for everyone!

Great review! “Brook Approves of Tom” award!

@Francis_Lee you right, I should design one- we all should

@Ted_Huntington heck yes! I understand you wanting a stationary platform. I built a z bed platform(X/Y nozzle) from my y bed Prusa Air and it’s a pretty big difference.

I remember the griping about the price but I’m glad that the machine has proven itself.

Nice printer, but for those price points I’d say build a rig from the ground up and make it yours.

I would never discourage anyone who is up for it from designing and making their own. But the time it takes to “perfect” a design is far far more than many would believe. Yes, there is great knowledge to be had and the possibility of a breakthrough bit of innovation…but bring your resolve! Joseph has a huge amount of hard earned expertise. Any margin he banks keeps the company - and the innovation - going. And everyone wins.
Good stuff

Your enthusiasm is infectious. I now need one :smiley:

@Thomas_Sanladerer what software/site were you using to insert the change in the gcode? Great review, I’m definitely getting myself one of these in a couple of weeks. Honestly, assuming I can afford the pre-built one, is it worth the extra money? I’m pretty OK with building things and I imagine it’d be quite fun, but there’s something to be said for having a “pro” build and that back-end support on call.

Prebuilt vs Kit will have to be your decision, the end result will be the same. Depends on how comfortable you are assembling things and how much support you think you’ll need.

@Jon_Gritton I’d say that if you’re wired to think the build might be fun then buy the kit. There’s a lot more satisfaction in running a machine you’ve built and in my experience (building a think3dprint3d Kossel Mini) building from a well designed, well documented kit is great fun – rather like Mechano but way more satisfying.

Thanks folks (@Thomas_Sanladerer , @Lukas_Mathis , @Mark_Wheadon ), I’m leaning heavily toward the kit at the moment, I’m a big believer in how much you gain from fully understanding how something (anything) is put together. From the Prusa site I understand there’s already been some changes made to the design to make the kits easily/more reliable to build so by the time I get around to ordering (I’m about to go on vacation, so won’t buy until I get back) there may have been even more.

Always said that nothing can beat the original source of all the clones :smiley: glad you agree Tom - Joseph deserves to be #1

Thanks @Thomas_Sanladerer for the great review and build of the MK2.
Have you experimented with flexible filaments with the Prusa I3 MK2 yet?

Thomas, I love what Joseph has done. Full cred.
Do you think it’s the closest there is to a consumer 3D printer? Just wondering if you think the markets are. I think he has hit the mark for kit builders and especially RepRap fans. And anyone looking for that price point, even for newbies who have a budget that matches.

Full disclosure: the 2016 Printrbot is targeting a different market. You will have it pretty soon to review. We are targeting newbies first and anyone in a particular budget that wants the easiest to use experience. Since I know what we have made, it’s cool to see two completely printers tackling different problems - both making interesting progress- but very different printers.

I don’t disagree with your assessment. Just wondering what you are hoping the future holds for 3D printing. What are you hoping improves?