This is the work that i've been doing(SparkFun FTDI Basic Breakout – 5V).

This is the work that i’ve been doing(SparkFun FTDI Basic Breakout – 5V).
Even though I did auto level at every 2 step,there are some traces missing and I couldn’t get even depth.I used Zcut=-0.05.

In my machine Z axis axis movement is controlled by M8 threaded rod and I know some machines use ACME. SO is there any way to change Z axis parameters.
I don’t know if this is do wrong Z axis parameters

What happened? Which bit type used?

V bit 0.1mm 15 degree
I tried once again by increasing depth to -0.08 but still I couldn’t engrave someplaces even though i did auto level. Don’t know why

Check the rigidity and precision of moves z Axis of your machine.

can you please tell me how to check those

just check all bolts, bearings adjusting, delrin piece and try to move a little z axis with your hand, simulate the up force.

What type of CNC machine do you have?

X carve 1000x1000 mm

It looks awful. It seems that no auto-levelling worked and given your past posts it did sound like your probing was failing you. Have you ever gotten even the simplest of probing to work? You up for making a video so we all can better help?

yeah, i agree with the video… also, if your x-carve is having general issues, you will be much better off posting to the inventables forums than to Chilipeppr.

I will upload the video soon and I don’t think my X carve has any probelm because I could mill several other things using the same machine

Using probing?

without probing

right… so what I’m suggesting is that you can run probing anywhere… if you run the same GCODE to do the probe in any GCODE sender, and it doesn’t work, then you will want to post that on the inventables forum. If the GCODE works in other gcode senders (like UGS), but doesn’t work in Chilipeppr then I would suspect a problem with Chilipeppr.

Is it possible to do probing in UGC?

yeah, probing is not specific to the GCODE software… it is standard GCODE commands. See here:

is there any way to view the levelled gcode?
But it can probe only one location right?But in autoleveling itprobes the entire surface of your design

Correct. Probing is standard. Autoleveling is a function of software like Chilipeppr.