This is the software that we use @ FamiLAB  for milling PCBs.

This is the software that we use @@FamiLAB for milling PCBs. You can do isolation routing, where most copper is left between the traces, or standard pathing. Really is an awesome piece of software. Works with fritzing, you just export the files and select the correct layer you need routed.

Thanks for the link. i have been thinking about milling PCBs for my projects and this looks great. Do you have any photos or details of projects you have worked on?

Why yes, I have photos. Here’s my hackerspaces logo milled on a penny:

It has absolutely nothing to do with visolate other than it’s the same machine we use visolate on in order to mill PCBs. We also use a depth probe and generate a correction mesh - it helps a TON.

Wow, that is super small!! I am slowly refining my machine and currently waiting for a 12v - 48v Air cooled spindle to arrive from our friends in China. The current spindle in driven by a rubber band system and not suitable for my needs.

Thanks for sharing.