This is the result of tonight's print.

This is the result of tonight’s print. Seems that I’m experiencing quite a bit of blobbing still, am welcome to any advice on how to correct!

Edit: PLA Extruded at 0.3mm, 190C, 40% infill.

Use a fan. Especially with something like the yoda print, you also need low layer heights, otherwise you’re printing in mid air.

Ok, a fan mount is what I have printing at this very moment :slight_smile:

check out retraction in slic3r under the extruder tab. I use about .2 to .4 see if that helps.

+Mike DiMare, I think I was using. .25 for retraction on this

Hmm, fan will def. help, you can try the passive cooling in slic3r as well, just slow down fast layers. I was able to get pretty good results with ABS on my printrbot and I’m still not 100% dialed in to where I want to be.

Perhaps try printing at .20mm layer height or less so you are squashing out flat tracks rather than cylinders. My prints were rubbish but now at 0.15mm they are great (ABS).

Thanks @Todd_Splod , I’ll try that!

Calibrate your extruder. The more accurate you’re able to push filament into the chamber the more precise it will be at pushing it out. Also, measure your filament diameter several places and put the average into your flavor of slicing software.

contrats @John_Schneider , quite an evolution from your first part just a few days ago.

I think cooling can make the difference. I used to print at 0.3 with a 0.5 nozzle and could not get the proper ears… going to 0.25 fixed the problem. I print with ABS nonetheless