This is the problem I'm currently having in MKDuo (ramps 1.4).

This is the problem I’m currently having in MKDuo (ramps 1.4). 2nd image shows three test lines (amongst the stuff worked fine) which are basically really wobbly. Any ideas? Have upgraded the software and the laser head recently… Hoping it’s not mechanical.

looks like the beam hitting the inside of the head - or air assist nozzle.

Have spent about three hours getting the beam dead center. Maybe it’s not then! Gah.

Centered on the Head? Centered where it exists the head? Is the lens in straight?

Centered on each mirror and the lens.

But I’m not saying it’s perfect. I’ll have another look

If the head has a nozzle, it also has to be centered EXITING the head.

I got it dead center on the lens. Not sure how I can check its exiting the head centrally.

Put a piece of tape over the nozzle

I’ve been using bits of paper, will use tape and double check it.

air nozzle?

Will do both.

This problem is in firmware. We’re hoping it’s all solved now.